Off the coast of Iceland, not yet contaminated by human, the blue waters hide the richness of nature – red sea algae. With ideal developement conditions, they absorb trace elements from sea water. Aquamin obtained from red sea algae, is a unique multimineral complex rich in micro- and macroelements that have a positive effect on the condition of muscles, joints and the efficiency of the nervous system.

We present our product Ami Vit Algi – a dietary supplement with a unique composition indicated for adults, containing: AQUAMIN, Calcium and Magnesium as a support for healthy bones and strong teeth, digestive and nervous systems; Zinc and Vitamin C – important for immunity.

Learn more about the ingredients of Ami Vit Algi:

– Aquamin is a unique multimineral complex obtained from red sea algae, rich in bioactive Calcium and Magnesium and other 72 trace elements that have a positive effect on the condition of muscles, joints and the efficiency of the nervous system.
– Vitamin C is an antioxidant, facilitates iron assimilation, facilitates wound healing, strengthens gums and teeth, kills bacteria that cause tooth decay, strengthens the body’s resistance to infection;
– Magnesium is involved in numerous processes in the body, its deficiency can lead to painful cramps in the calves, numbness, hair loss, and nail breaking;
– Potassium is involved in the conduction of impulses in nerve cells, is an activator of many enzymes. Its deficiency can weaken the body, reduce myocardial contractility, weakness of skeletal and smooth muscles;
– Calcium is a bone building ingredient, his other important functions are: conduction of bioelectrical impulses, participation in blood coagulation, participation in skeletal, smooth muscle and heart muscle contraction;
– Zinc is a micronutrient very important for skin, hair and nails, it also works favorably on bones, helps stabilize pressure and prevents varicose veins. It also has a beneficial effect on the immune system.


– AQUAMIN 50 mg
– Vitamin C 50 mg (62.5% GDA*)
– Magnesium 56 mg (14.9% GDA)
– Potassium 38 mg (1.9% GDA)
– Calcium 4 mg (0.5% GDA)
– Zinc 3 mg (30% GDA)
*Guideline Daily Amount


– to supplement the daily diet with vitamins and minerals,
– in states of physical and mental fatigue
– during periods of increased stress exposure,
– before planned physical exertion
– in periods requiring intense concentration and efficient memory
– postmenopausal

The package contains 60 capsules.

DIRECTIONS: one capsule twice a day
Composition: inulin, AQUAMIN, L-ascorbic acid, magnesium oxide, potassium chloride, calcium carbonate, zinc oxide, capsule shell: gelatin, food color

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