We present our product Mint – Hand Sanitizer with a mint flavor.
It is a gentle disinfectant liquid in a small, handy package, ideal for a handbag or a car. You can always have it with you and sanitize your hands in the absence of water and soap. It does not require rinsing and is easy to apply. Its mild formula and the addition of glycerin make it suitable for use also for children and people with sensitive skin.

Advantages of the Mint Hand Sanitizer:

• ideal for children and adults
• easily spread even in highly unavailable places
• dries quickly and leaves your hands pleasantly refreshed and disinfected without the smell of alcohol
• glycerin contained in the composition prevents excessive drying of the skin of the hands, nourishes, protects and moisturizes
•ideal for sensitive skin
• very efficient
• very useful in cases of lack of access to water
• small and handy packaging – you can take it anywhere with you

Mint Hand Sanitizer properties:

• quickly and effectively sanitize hands without the use of water and soap – kills 99.99% of bacteria, viruses and fungi
• does not require rinsing
• the active substance of the preparation is low toxicity ethyl alcohol
• easy to apply and convenient to spread over the surface of the skin
• cleans, protects and cares at the same time
• leaves no feeling of skin tightening, prevents irritation and protects delicate skin from drying out

A 100 ml pack contains 60 g of ethanol.
HOW TO USE: Apply a small amount of liquid (about 1 ml) to the surface of the hand, spread it thoroughly over the entire surface of the hand (also from the top and between the fingers). Wait for absorption. The product does not require the use of water.
FIRST AID MEASURES: In case of eye irritation, rinse thoroughly with plenty of water.
CONTRAINDICATIONS: Wounds and hand skin irritation.

Where can you buy Mint Hand Sanitizer?

in our offer on Allegro :
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order Mint Hand Sanitizer via e-mail: sprzedaz@amilek.pl or by phone: +48 25 759 92 48

Price per pack: 14,99 PLN / pack. (+ shipping cost)
By prior arrangement, personal pickup is possible.

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